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Congratulations Margaret Locke!

Margaret recently contacted me to tell me of success for her published books in 2017. Firstly, THE DEMON DUKE hit the USA Today Bestsellers list in November. Secondly, A SCANDALOUS MATTER was awarded the 2017 Publishers Weekly Book Life Prize. Two wonderful achievements, and so well deserved. Congratulations, Margaret!  

Calling All Jane Austen and Regency Historical Fans!

A very talented writer I know debuts with her first novel in July.  Terri Fleming’s PERCEPTION is a must-read for all those who adore Jane Austen and anyone who loves Regency Historical fiction, following as it does the fortunes of Bennet sisters, Mary and Kitty, after their older siblings Lizzie and Jane have married.  Here’s […]

Elly Redding—an exciting new author!

    Here’s a shout-out for a new British author who publishes her first novel, True Colours, on 25th November, 2016.  I’ve been working with Elly, and I feel she is a really exciting, fresh new voice in the women’s fiction world.   True Colours reunites Kate, a London career girl, with Saul, her seriously […]

What Romance Readers Really Want

  There’s one thing the romance writer must always acknowledge: romance readers know exactly what they want!   Escapism. The romance reader wants to be entertained, carried away, offered the chance to dream.  So there has to be a good helping of fantasy.  Find out what the women around like—the type of man who turns […]

Motivation: the Choices your Characters Make

  Motivating your characters well in a romance is essential, but also one of the hardest things to do.  I find motivation is something the writers I work with struggle with the most.   You may well ask: what is motivation?  Well, it can be internal (coming from the character’s emotion and beliefs), or external […]

Popular Fiction: is Variety the Spice of Life?

Are you a popular fiction author who’s new to self-publishing? What’s your strategy for the books you will publish going forward—what are you planning to write next?  It’s very tempting to think variety is the spice of life and suppose every book has to be totally different from the last one.   Being a successful […]

RNA Annual Summer Conference

I’ve just returned from attending the RNA’s annual summer conference, which this year took place at Lancaster University. If you’ve ever seen Lancaster’s campus, you’ll know it’s very pleasant—almost like a small town—and surrounded by rolling Lancashire countryside. Unfortunately, the weather was awful—another helping of the bad summer we’re having this year in the UK. […]